Who is Gabbie Hanna?

IN 2013 a university graduate started posting funny videos to the internet and within 10 years she was worth $2million.

Gabbie Hanna went from being known for The Gabbie Show to having a whole extra list of achievements.

Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna is an American internet personality, comedian, two-time New York Times Best Selling author, actress, and singer-songwriter.

She was born on February 7, 1991, and is from New Castle, Pennsylvania,

She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and started uploading videos to Vine in late 2013.

She quickly accumulated five million followers, and started up a YouTube account with the name The Gabbie Show the following year.

In August 2022, she had millions of followers across the two platforms, where she still regularly posts.

Gabbie released her debut single Out Loud in 2017, and has gone on to release more music, including a debut album called Trauma Queen in July 2022.

She has also published two poetry books, Adultolescence (2017) and Dandelion (2020), both of which are New York Times Best Sellers.

On top of that, she has appeared in a number of shows and movies since 2014, including TV series Escape The Night.

She won the award for Storyteller at the Annual Streamy Awards in 2018.

Yes, Gabbie regularly posts Instagram.

You can follow her @gabbiehanna.

She also has a Twitter account under the title Trauma Queen.

Gabbie is a regular on TikTok, but in August 2022 fans became worried about her after she posted 117 strange videos, many of which are about religion and other deep topics, in 24 hours.

However, the internet star insisted throughout the videos that she was fine.

Gabbie has also been known to take extended breaks from social media on a few different occasions.

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Gabbie has a net worth of around £2million.

The site names some of Gabbie’s successes as her song Out Loud and her poetry book Adultolescence.

In August 2022, it appeared that Gabbie was single.

However, she was said to have split with long-term boyfriend Payton Saxon just months earlier as they “didn’t have the same plans for the future”.

Source: the-sun.com

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