Flag conflict between OLF and OFC leaders

Flag conflict between OLF and OFC leaders

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in a letter dated October 06, 2022 to the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) chairman, Professor Mararaa Guddina, accused the OFC vice-chairman, Mr. Jawar Mohammed, of repeatedly using the OLF flag and emblem.

The party said in a statement in the letter that Mr. Jawar Mohammed is illegally using the OLF flag legally registered with the Election Board and the OLF emblem repeatedly at various forums.” The party said it was forced to write the letter as the OFC officials continued to use the flag and emblem despite expectations.

The OLF said that from the date of the letter, the OFC chairman, Professor Marara Guddina, should inform Mr. Jawar Mohammed to stop using the OLF flag and emblem.

The party’s communications officer, Lammii Gammachuu, said the party wrote the letter in response to repeated demands from its members. “This flag belongs to the OLF and the broader Oromo people. However, this letter was written to respond to the pressure and questions raised by the members of the OLF on the issue of the use of the flag, why people in the leadership of other political parties use the OLF flag and emblem,” he said.

The OLF flag is also seen by many as a symbol of Oromo freedom rather than a political party flag, he said.

Since the letter was written and circulated on social media, many people have questioned whether it is right to ban the use of the flag. It’s a slow motion.

Mr. Lammi responded to the issue by saying, “Of course this flag belongs to all the Oromo people. Every Oromo has the right to use it.

But Mr. Jawar Mohammed is the leader of a political party. Their party has its own flag and emblem. If Mr. Jawar uses this flag, he represents a political organization. We therefore asked them to stop,” he said.

He said the letter was not written to harm the brotherhood between the two parties but only to ensure that the laws and regulations of the party’s flag and emblem are respected.

We hope that the OFC will understand the issues mentioned in the letter in the right way and provide solutions.

“I have refrained from responding to the matter,” said OFC Secretary General Xuruna Gamta, who said he had received the letter. We don’t have an answer yet, The letter was written directly to OFC chairman Professor Mara Guddina and We have not spoken on this issue either, we will see tomorrow. It’s not that big of a deal. We may or may not comment on it,” he said.

The vice-leader of the OFC, Mr. Jawar Mohammed, is touring parts of Europe and the United States with the ‘Thank You’ programme.

BBC News Afaan Oromoo

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