Athletics-DRC “We are going from record to record”, Bienvenu Matenda

Athletics-DRC “We are going from record to record”, Bienvenu Matenda

The 21st edition of national championships was organized by the Athletics Federation of Congo (FEACO). It took place over two days, Saturday August 27th to Sunday August 28th 2022. Many new talents were discovered thanks to the participation of nine provinces at the various events. Bienvenu Matenda (President of FEACO) gave an evaluation of this national competition. It serves as preparation for the Games of La Francophonie in Kinshasa in 2023, and the participation of DRC in the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris.

Our correspondent in DR Congo

The DRC national championships in athletics were held on August 27–28.

The 21st national championships of athletics, organized by the Athletics Federation of Congo(FEACO), began on Saturday August 27 and ended on Sunday August 28, 2022 at the Stade des Martyrs Kinshasa. The 21st edition was organized by nine DRC provinces and diaspora athletes. It announces the color for La Francophonie’s next Games in Kinshasa in 2023.

There were many events to enjoy this celebration of athletics in DRC, which is only held once a year. Lunndila was the winner of the gold medal in the running events, particularly the 100m women’s. She had run 12’35. For the 100m ladies Juniors, Séraphine Kongolo stood out (13’60). Lionel Muteba won gold in the 100m men’s race. In the Juniors category, Mardochée Kaninda won gold.

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In the long jump, Arnold Alvin won the gold medal for the men and Françoise Bango for the women. Rosita Mulambavu won a gold medal in the shot put for her 9m76 throw. For his part, Gédéon Kalonda won with an 11m throw for the men.

Grace Mujinga does a great job in the middle distance

Gracia Lasisa won the women’s 20km walk. Amundala takes the honor for men. Bijou Musikira won in 1:3 seconds and 11 hundredsths the gold medal for the women’s 400m. Benjamin Kiayima (52.21) won the gold medal in the U18 men’s race. In the Seniors category, Joël Tshikamba won gold. Kilongo Nantha was the top performer in the 1500m senior men’s category with a time 4 minutes 9 seconds. David Kalumba won junior men’s with a time in the 4 minutes 13 seconds and 9 hundredsths. Grace Mujinga was awarded the U18 girls title. She scored twice by also winning the 1000m, while André Baraka distinguished himself on the men’s side.

Lionel Mutaba: I’m ready to defend my country »

When asked about his participation in international competitions, Lionel Tshimanga Muteba, a Congolese international, said that he did not want to be questioned. He says he is willing to defend the DRC flag everywhere and with great determination. Lionel Tshimanga Muteba showed his superiority and won the 100m men’s race from the diaspora in the best possible way.

Born in Kinshasa. I currently live in Canada and I enjoy my sport. I came to Mauritius for the African championships. There, we qualified for the four times 100m at next May’s world championship. I began practicing the sport directly in Canada at the age 21. My main concern is to do more for my country, which continues trusting me. President Bienvenu Mateenda reached out to me, and I was happy to participate in the great celebration of athletics within my country. In the DRC “, declared the Congolese international Lionel Tshimanga Muteba, at the microphone of Sports News Africa.

Welcome Matenda hopes for the Games of La Francophonie, and the 2024 Olympics

Bienvenu Matenda, President of Athletics Federation of Congo, took stock of the organization after the competition ended. Every time we organize an event, we go from increasing to increasing. We were happy this time because all the Leagues were there. We were able get some distinguished guests. Some athletes from Canada and South Africa were also present. It’s a huge success for us. We keep improving our records. Thanks to these national championships, we will select the best who will represent the DRC at the next Francophonie Games scheduled for Kinshasa in 2023 and the 2024 Olympic Games which will take place in Paris”,The manager agreed.

The 21st edition had sponsors, which is a unique feature. This allowed FEACO a better way to organize the competition. We are greatly appreciated at the international level for this organization. Even the President of African Athletics Confederation sent us a message of congratulations, stating that there has never been an African national championship. We are proud of the work done with all our Leagues. “, he implied.

The 21st edition was marked by the participation in many events of juniors aged under 18 years old. It is already the nursery to have athletes who will compete 2023, 2024, and further afield, according to President Bienvenu Mateenda. A rising youth can expect to achieve satisfactory results in the future.


Source: sportnewsafrica

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