Addis Ababa Police Seize 200 kilograms of Cannabis

Addis Ababa Police Seize 200 kilograms of Cannabis

About 200 kilograms of cannabis have been seized during a search on a truck in Addis Ketema sub-city of the capital, police said on Tuesday.

Addis Ababa City police said security officers in the Merkato area stopped the suspicious truck loaded with Bonda clothes — a name given for many second-hand clothes bundled up.

The search made on the truck resulted in police seizing a large amount of illegal narcotic substance disguised as Bonda clothes.

Police in a statement today identified the narcotic drug as Cannabis, estimating its volume to be 200 kilograms.

Ethiopia maintains strict laws against the use, possession, or trafficking of illegal drugs. Cannabis, also known as hashish or marijuana, is among the psychotropic drugs prohibited in the country.

Addis Ababa Police said the driver of the truck transporting the Cannabis was arrested at the scene, adding investigation into the case is still ongoing.

The suspect could face charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of proceeds of crime.

Under the Ethiopian criminal code, possessing, transporting, and storing narcotic or psychotropic drugs is punishable with not less than five years in jail and up to 100,000 Birr (approximately $2,000) fine.

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